sitemap Welcome to the Shelbyville Police Department

Welcome,Chief Swing

To the Shelbyville Tennessee, Police Department's new site on the Internet. We hope that you find our site to be easy to navigate through and that the information within to be helpful in your needs. The Shelbyville Police Department is very excited to open this new avenue of communications with the citizens and the businessmen of the city, and all visitors from across the world.

This web site is just one of the steps the Shelbyville Police Department is involved in to further reach out to the community in an effort to improve the communications between the community and the police department. We are currently active in the community with the aid of the Bike Patrol, Citizen's Police Academy, Neighborhood Watch, Crimestoppers and now announce an Explorers Class for our teenagers , which are all part of our Community Policing Program.

In the pages of this web site, you will find information on the services provided by the Shelbyville Police Department and also about the people who provide these services. You will also find several other avenues of information that surround the criminal aspect of law enforcement. I look forward to serving the community through this web page and informing the public of current activities in our community. Feel free to contact me, or anyone at the department with any questions or comments. My e-mail is located below, in my signature,  or you can visit our officer directory and contact anyone you choose. I feel that if we continue to work together we can make a difference in our community's fight against crime.


Chief Austin Swing