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All officers have a voice mail. 

To access, dial (931) 684-3401
and enter the appropriate extension.





Chief Jan Phillips 413

Send Email

Department Administrator
Dep.Chief Mike Rogers 412 Send Email Assistant Administrator
Lt. Mike Baker 417 Send Email Firearms Instructor / Shift Supervisor
Sgt. Bill Logue 420 Send Email Patrol / Evidence / Vehicle Maintenance

Office Manager Kim Nash


Send Email Communications / City Court Clerk
Dispatcher Jo Ann Rodgers 424 Send Email Communications
Lt. Ricky Blanton 426 Send Email FTO / Firearms Instructor / Shift Supervisor
Sgt. James Wilkerson 427 Send Email FTO / Shift Supervisor
Officer Rod Stacy 428 Send Email FTO / Patrol
Det. Lt. Pat Mathis 429 Send Email CID Supervisor / IT Supervisor
Sgt. Fred Harvey 431 Send Email Firearms Instructor / Shift Supervisor
Lt. Trey Clanton 432 Send Email Training Officer / Accident Investigator
Sgt. Mike Davis 434 Send Email Firearms Instructor/Motor Officer/Accident Inv.
Officer Bobby Peacock 435 Send Email Patrol
Sgt. Charles Merlo 456 Send Email Shift Supervisor
Officer Justin Smith 458 Send Email Patrol
Officer Cody King


Send Email

FTO / Patrol

Officer Bruce Davis


Send Email

Firearms Instructor / Patrol

Officer Greg Loyd


Send Email


Officer Jerry Lawrence


Send Email


Det. Sgt. Brian Crews


Send Email

Investigations Supervisor 

Detective Sam Jacobs


Send Email


Dispatcher Kerry Dunn


Send Email

CID Secretary / Communications / Clerk / TAC

Dispatcher Sonya Dyer


Send Email


Officer Jeff Goodrich 4506 Send Email Bike Patrol
Officer Jody Shelton 4508 Send Email Patrol
Officer Tory Moore 4512 Send Email Patrol
Officer Carol Jean 4515 Send Email Investigations
Officer Jerry Draine 4516 Send Email Patrol
Officer Jose Garza 4518 Send Email Patrol
Officer David Curley 4519 Send Email Patrol
Officer Darrell Birdsong 4521 Send Email Patrol
Dispatcher Ed Paine 4522 Send Email Communications
Officer Chris Vest   4525 Send Email Patrol
Officer Mitchell Warren 4527 Send Email Patrol
Clerk/Dispatcher Sheri Rhodes 4530 Send Email Records/Dispatch
Officer John Cooke 4531 Send Email Patrol
Dispatcher Lilia Torres 4532 Send Email Communications
Officer Cody Swift 4534 Send Email Patrol
Dispatcher Wanda Desplinter 4535 Send Email Communications
Officer Brock Horner 4536 Send Email Patrol
Officer Todd Sanders 4537 Send Email Patrol
Officer David Dye 4538 Send Email Patrol
Officer Russ Grubbs  4540 Send Email Patrol
Dispatcher Sandy McCullough 4541 Send Email Communications
Officer Michael Taylor 4542 Send Email Patrol
Aimee Davis 4543 Send Email Accreditation Manager
Jessica Walchshauser 4544 Send Email CID Secretary
Officer Letisia Butler 4545 Send Email Patrol

Updated 09/10/2014

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